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The Retreat to Corunna 25th Dec 1808 -15th Jan 1809:


The Action at Sahagun 21st December 1808:

O'er rivers of ice and O'er mountains of snow

Published Sept 2003

The Battlefield 2002


The Chapel of Nuesta Senora de lea Puente                                               The restored bridge over the river Valderaduey



The Area of the battlefield

The Bridge 2002

The Bridge 1992


What's left of the Castle 2002



The Church 2002  


The River 2002 


The Bridge 2002 


The Bridge 1992

Constantino Bridge:

The Beautiful Bridge Constantin and Cruzul

Published 2020


Constantino 2002




El Burgo Bridge:



The Bridge 2002

The Bridge 1992 under reconstruction



If you would like to see more pictures before we can get round to posting them or more info please send us an email and we will see what we have.

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