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Douro - Oporto:

Battle of the Douro

This battle, also known as the Second Battle of Oporto, saw Sir Arthur Wellesley’s (later the Duke of Wellington) successful passage of the River Douro at Oporto in Portugal, on 12th May 1809

Our Pictures from our trip September 2010:



The former Bishop's Seminary in the Largo do Padre Baltazar Guedes:


View from the seminary across the Douro to the Mosteiro da Nossa Serra do Pilar

The Monument in Oporto:

The Monument to the Heroes of the Peninsular War situated in the middle of the Boavista district of Porto. Despite being in the middle of a busy round-a-bout the monument is set in a peaceful tree-lined garden. The monument celebrates the Portuguese and British victory against the French forces of Napoleon during the 1808-1814 Peninsular War. Set atop the impressive column is a lion, representing the Portuguese and British, dominating an eagle, representing the forces of Napoleon.


Military Museum Oporto:


The views from the Monastery:


The Monument to the bridge of boats:



The house used by Soult in Oporto:


Graham Moores great pictures


The Bridge at Oporto

The Seminary from the Position of Wellingtons Guns


   The Monastery the Position of Wellingtons Guns would have been on the extreme left of this building

 The Seminary

Port Barges and the Ferry point at Avintas

Picture below from our visit in 2000

A good account of the battle can be found here on Andrew Jacksons site:

If you would like to see more pictures before we can get round to posting them or more info please send us an email and we will see what we have.

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