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        Badajoz March 17th - April 6th 1812:


Plans of the action

Third & successful assault on Badajoz, 6th April 1812, commencing at 2130hrs.

Deployment of troops for the assault:

4th Division             To attack the breach in Trinidad & the new one to the west of it

Light Division         To attack the breach in Santa Maria bastion.

3rd Division             To escalade the castle.

5th Division              (a) One British brigade to escalade the bastion of San Vincente.

(b) One Portuguese brigade to escalade the outworks of Pardeleras.

(c) One British brigade held in reserve.

Trench Guard            To escalade San Roque

Power’s Portuguese brigade       To make a feint attack on the bridgehead, Tete de pont.           

The assaults by the 4th & Lt Division on the main breaches, after 2 hours failed and the men were recalled. It was Picton’s infantry that managed to scale the castle walls and Maj – Gen Walker’s brigade carried the bastion of San Vincente.

Allied casualties for the assault were 744 men killed & 2858 wounded.

Total losses for the siege & storm from the 15th March to 6th April were 4670.

Strength of the French garrison was 5003.

Great Pics from Don Collins of Badajoz




Badajoz from Fort Christobal

Badajoz "how do you scale that"

Badajoz Wall Plaque

Lower Half of Monument to General Rafael Menacho Badajoz

Monument to General Rafael Menacho in

Fort Cristobal View 1 Badajoz

Fort Cristobal View 2 Badajoz

Fort Cristobal View 3 Badajoz

Reformed Old Gateway

Wall Badajoz

Wall Badajoz Possible Round Shot Damage

Wall Badajoz More Round Shot        


Badajoz 2000



Looking at Badajoz from St Christobal


Inside Fort Christobal



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